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Benefits/ Advantages of TAC 3000

  1. Fast to install – requires 5 hours or less to fit and can be prewired in yard then commissioned on site. Can be installed using quick disconnects which make later installations and removals faster.

  2. Can be used on all makes and models of tower crane-Pedestrian/remote operated, luffing jib and saddle jib.

  3. Fast to modify parameters after site changes. Eg. climbing a crane, adding or removing a crane to a site and adjusting boundaries/zones. Requiring minimal, if any, downtime to make changes and no climbing of the crane by an engineer-all done wirelessly.

  4. Minimal operator/driver training required.

  5. Designed to allow each crane to operate independently. Meaning that you can power down/remove one crane and still keep the others operating.

  6. Has a secure bypass feature which allows the site manager to control whether the system can be bypassed or not. Cannot be tampered with/disconnected.

  7. Runs a self diagnostic test every 2 seconds which will alert the driver and all his neighbours to any faults as soon as they occur.

  8. No mechanical interface with the crane, resulting in fewer points of failure-greater reliability and no maintenance.

  9. Allows you the option of installing TAC view software to monitor cranes operations in real time with black box recording feature, wind speed display and near-miss incident reporting.