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Boundary Control

The TAC 3000 is designed to be used to protect the boundary of a construction site, preventing a Tower Crane from operating outside the site boundaries. This is particularly important to safeguard the public in construction sites which border onto roads, public areas and other buildings.

The hook block/trolley can be prevented from operating outside of a construction site boundary, or if desired, the jib can be prevented from oversailing the boundary.

Some sites have complex, non-linear boundaries and the TAC 3000 can be programmed with a boundary of up to 25 points which provides protection but nevertheless allows the operator to have full range of movement within the construction site.

Utilising boundary protection, the edge of the boundary becomes protected as per the anti-collision settings. When a crane operator nears a protected boundary, the TAC 3000 will slow and ultimately stop the load from going outside of the site, or the jib from oversailing the boundary.

Boundary Control