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Click to enlarge - Cranes in operation on Shimizu Fusionopolis projectCase Study

When constructing ‘Fusionopolis’, a high tech biomedical research centre in Singapore, Shimizu (Japanese contractor) was looking for the most suitable anti-collision, boundary and zoning system for their requirements.

The project involved a total of 7 luffing jib cranes-a combination of Jaso and Comedil, each of which was climbed/jacked up multiple times over the course of the project. In total, over a 2 year period there were approx 60 climbs conducted from a starting average height of 60m to heights in excess of 150m.

Using existing anti-collision systems this scenario represents great difficulty as every change in the height of 1 crane would require a technician to change not only the affected crane, but all neighbouring cranes as well. This involves physically climbing the cranes and altering their settings-a process requiring approx 1½ hours per crane. Moreover, whilst the cranes are being adjusted they do not have anti-collision cover and they cannot be operated, resulting in massive amounts of downtime over the course of a project.

Click to enlarge - Diagram to show the layout of TCs 1-7 on Fusionopolis projectWith the TAC 3000, the engineer altering parameters on a jobsite does so using wireless technology. There is no requirement for an engineer from EURO TCS Systems to physically climb the crane being adjusted or its neighbours. Moreover all cranes on the site are updated simultaneously. The total amount of downtime is minimal and is used to verify the accuracy of the new parameters on the crane adjusted.

In the event, Shimizu chose to use the TAC 3000 for its Fusionopolis project. A key selling point was its obvious advantages on a site where it was necessary to climb multiple cranes over the life of the project. Hundreds of hours of crane downtime were saved over the course of the crane operations on site. The resulting savings on crane downtime made the TAC 3000 the obvious choice.