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The TAC-3000 is the most technologically advanced tower crane safety system available. It utilizes CAN bus for inter-module communication and the same technology as commercial aircraft to measure slewing angle via a magnetic sensor that measures the earths magnetic flux in real-time. This gives a 0.1 degree accuracy and removes the need for a mechanical interface with the crane. The TAC-3000 utilizes a 32-bit CPU, FCC approved wireless components, and reliable PC based technology. The TAC-3000 also communicates wirelessly between cranes and any preset information wirelessly through a PC. The TAC-3000 uses 128-bit data encryption integrated into the software with a USB dongle and a 32-bit CPU to build the highest security measures available.

With state-of-the-art technology, the TAC-3000 allows site safety personnel to monitor the cranes in operation from the ground with the optional TAC-View. The settings of the crane’s protection parameters and protection areas can also be adjusted wirelessly from ground level. For example, when jacking up the crane’s height or to add an additional protection zone, authorized personnel will only be required to upload the new height to the crane from a notebook PC without climbing the tower crane for “re-teaching”. This effectively reduces the downtime of the crane’s operation.

TAC-3000 Components